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Currently, there are many companies who offer bundled service packages including web site design and hosting. This is one convenient way to expedite the process of a project since only one team will be handling all your needs. Before you choose your provider though, make sure you know what exactly your requirements are and what you should expect.

A tree-tops view of web site design and hosting

When you decide to have a web site created, you should take charge of every step of its process. Sit down and take some time to organize what you require and do not depend on a web consultant to decide things for you. Go for reputable companies who can offer you quality service for a set amount you had allotted for the project. Make sure they can provide decent technical support to save you a fair amount of headaches. You can also opt to choose companies which offer freebies with their services such as free domain name and registration.

Characteristics of a good web site design company

A good web site design company would interact with you right from the very start with the intention of establishing a good client-provider relationship. They could understand and comply with your every need and requirement. They should also be able to update you regularly with regards to the status of your project.

Characteristics of a good hosting service

A good hosting service should be reliable and could guarantee an uptime of 99.5%. It would not do your business good if your server is down most of the time. You should study the bandwidth offered by a hosting service. Choose one which you think is right for your needs. Make sure your provider would not charge you for exceeding your bandwidth even if you bought the unlimited bandwidth package. Ask them upfront about these details if you have no patience reading the fine print in their Terms of Service. A good host would give their potential clients honest answers. They should also have 24/7 technical support available even on weekends and holidays. Other things a good host offers include POP3 mail, subdomains, a control panel, MySQL, SSL, PHP, FTP, and Perl CGI-BIN access to state a few.

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