Professional Web Site Design


A professional web site design scheme is more than just an amalgamation of graphics and content. Good and effective web site design does not only focus on the aesthetics of a web site but also on the principles of what would sell to peopleís senses. A truly effective professional design is able to rake in new customers/visitors, able to retain old-timers, and capable of converting potential customers currently availing other businessí services into actual buyers.

What makes a good interface for a professional web site design

The overall look of an effective professional web site is simple and easy on the eyes. It should not be overly cluttered and should provide focus on the services you offer. It is important that the visitor does not feel intimidated by your web site. They should feel comfortable surfing around and should be compelled to come back next time.


A professional web site has to be user-friendly. Navigation should not confuse the visitor and should be constant in every page. Do not create an endless stream of redirects and make sure that the visitors find their way around within a couple of clicks.

Color scheme and graphics

Professional web sites should be limited to two or three colors overall. Black text on white background might seem too conventional, but it is actually the perfect theme for a professional web site. Graphics used should not be over-the-top and animations should be used sparingly. Any images used should not clash with the web siteís color scheme but instead, complement it accordingly.


It is important not to clutter your website with unnecessary features. Keep it light on bandwidth and make sure it loads quickly. Do not overdo adding new features to your website so that they take off the visitorís attention from the services you offer. Simplicity is the key to selling.

A good and effective professional web site design is needed for your business to soar. Bottom line is that the design should not be the focus of your web site, but instead the content. Make sure the design only provides support and framework to the content and with proper promotion, you are sure to sell.

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